Ghanaian Cedi

The currency of Ghana is known as the Ghanian cedi. The cedis is not a major currency like U.S. dollars, euros, and British pounds sterling. It is one of the strongest currencies in West Africa although it has its deficiencies. While there are some claims that Ghanaians are making so much money that billionaires and millionaires are being created in the country, the Ghanaian cedi shows both weakness and strength every year. The time for Ghana's economy to rise up is now. TMEINGHANA.COM will dedicate this part of the website for things relative to currencies.

How Much is $100 in Ghanaian Cedis?

To figure out how much $100 USD will be in Ghanaian cedis, you need to be mathematically ready. The forex market, with all its risks, makes foreign currency conversions very difficult at times. The Ghanaian cedi had weakened greatly in 2019. The economy of Ghana was not performing well and Ghanaians were screaming at the government for mishandling the banks operating in the system. Ghana has had a government that has allowed fraudsters to start financial institutions in the country. When the government took action to solve its financial crime problems and closed all suspicious banks in the country, ordinary citizens who held money in bank accounts from the bad banks lost their funds. This publication will not focus on the woes of the Ghana government. It will attempt to produce the conversion for $100 to Ghanaian cedis. One USD is GH₵5.71. That is right! At this time in 2020, It is a fact that $1 is equal to 5 cedis and 71 pesewas. So, for $100, you are expecting to cash the money into at least GH₵507.10. You may need to do the currency conversion at a forex bureau and there are many of them operating in the major cities. If you travel in the country and change from place to place, cities as Accra, Kumasi, Sunyani, Ashaiman, and Takoradi all have their forex bureaus.

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