What Is The Time In Obuasi, Ghana?

Obuasi is one of the cities of Ghana located just more than 30 miles of driving from Kumasi. Are you taking a trip to Obuasi, Ghana this year? Most travelers who are planning a trip to Obuasi want to know the time in the city. That is fine! TIMEINGHANA.COM is always going to provide the correct local standard time since that is what its service is predicated around. Obuasi (populated with over 170,000 Ghanaians), like Kumasi, is a city located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians who have the correct GMT information of Kumasi should be able to pinpoint the same for Obuasi. To find the time in Obuasi, we provide a Ghana-centered clock on our homepage which fetches the standard timing data. Did you know that Obuasi is famous for supporting the gold mining industry of Ghana? Ghana is blessed with natural resources like bauxite and gold. Fortunately, this beautiful city is the reason why the Ghanaian economy has not completely collapsed. 

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