Ghana has some of the best cuisines in the continent of Africa. Do you know there is a jollof rice war between the two West African countries Nigeria and Ghana? If you are not from Ghana and did not know, now you know. Ghanaians claim to cook the best jollof rice in the world. However, Nigerians seem to disagree with the notion that Ghanaians can cook better jollof than Nigerians. TIMEINGHANA.COM deals in offering timing information and prefers to remain neutral in this conflict. While the website's main interest in getting people to discover the time in Ghana, it would be boring to host only materials relevant to perhaps horology. That is why this page is being created to host different media displaying the foods which may be discovered in most Ghanaian homes. Are you ready to find what Ghanaians eat in Ghana? Most cultural Ghanaians do not leave behind their favorite foods once they depart from the country to travel abroad. While abroad, some Ghanaians continue to eat their favorite Ga kenkey (dokono), fufu(o), ampesi(e), (a)waakye, gari foto, plantains with beans (red red) and the other delicious meals. Do you want to see some of the dishes Ghanaians eat? If you do, then check out the pictures below which may be representative of the 10 regions in Ghana regions such as Volta, Ashanti, Brong Ahafo, Northern, Central, Eastern, Upper  East, Upper West, Greater-Accra, Western. No, we are not aiming to post only food from the capital of Ghana. We will concentrate on all the delicacies of the ethnic tribes found in Ghana on TIMEINGHANA.COM.

Food of Ghana

Did you know that Ghana has its own version of fried rice? No, it is not Chinese fried rice. We think Ghana fried rice tastes so good so we are going to host this image on TIMEINGHANA.COM. As always, we must warn that this website is not about cuisines. Instead, TIMEINGHANA.COM is only about showing the time in Ghana. We will use this page, however, to show the baked chicken and fried rice photo here. No, the chicken was actually baked and it tasted so delicious. Fried rice is eaten in all the major cities and villages of Ghana. If you are not from Ghana, you probably think Ghanaians do not eat stuff like that, right? You are dead wrong man!

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